Analytics With Action

Analytics With Action

Go beyond charts and graphs, customize your reporting dashboard with robust analytics, business intelligence and actions that can drive your business

Integrates With:


Get smart analytics and build customized reporting from your ecommerce platform.

Simple setup and seamless platform integration. Get up and running quickly!

Connect with your marketing platform to launch dynamic and measurable marketing campaigns.

Dashboard & Insights

Define and create analytics the way you want. Build reporting for specific stakeholders within your organization. Get analytics delivered to your inbox and gain insights into your business. Create your own reporting and analytics suite that works for your business and all stakeholders.


Telligence comes with an array of powerful built-in reports and widgets. In addition, the flexibility to create, customize and redefine reporting and datasets using a robust set of tools featuring an easy-to-use interface. Telligence is designed to give you the flexibility to build a set of actionable analytics tools.

Take Action

Build amazing reports and then take action on the data. Connect your analytics to your marketing platform or export your data to external systems. Static reporting might look great, but Telligence allows you to take action on your analytics.